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The Dog Turd of Life!!

I am just so SO so SO (like x 100000 times!!) sorry I haven't written a blog post in sooooo long!!


To be honest, sadly (on a personal level) I've had a couple of rough months.... which seemed to take up an awful lot of my energy and almost (not quite!!) sucked the life out of me!

When writing that previous sentence I had to think twice about using the word 'sadly'... and instead I wondered about using the word 'grateful' (strange you may think!?!).

However, I've learnt it's a funny old thing that when the 'Dog Turd of Life' (in Andy Copes words) comes along and sucks you in, finding yourself in the thick, stinking depth of it... feeling like your going to be stuck in that horrible, miserable place forever!!! You find yourself thinking... 'is it ever going to get any better?'... I don't deserve this'... and of course the best one... 'why me?'.

emotionalintelliI'll save you all the glory details (and to be honest I can't be bothered to bore you (or myself again) with them!!) I've found out that when you come through the other side of the 'Dog Turd of Life'... something magical (yes - magical!!) happens.... you find YOU again but this time this 'YOU' is a whole lot better than EVER before. Yeee haaa!!

My friends at 'The Art of Brilliance' call it bouncing back.... others I believe call it 'personal growth', but whatever you want to call it I'm grateful for my 'rough months'!

I know I'm getting back to my shiny self again because I'm writing this at midnight....  instead of wanting to be fast asleep, I'm desperate to stay up & write, it's something I haven't had the urge to do in ages but something that I know makes me... 'ME' and also very HAPPY!

So finally.... I guess this blog post is to say thanks 'Dog Turd of Life' I’ve learnt a lot.... and for that I'm a better a person!

Howdy world.... I'm back and I'm going to shine bigger & brighter than ever before!

Until next time Amy x

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