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Illustrations and Design Illustrations and Design by Amy Bradley Fun, colourful illustrations for everyone!

Banner Madness

A banner and a half?! A massive slice of happiness?!! Or a 3 man job?!!!

My latest banner design measures a whooping 3.5 by 1.5 meter!!! Wow! It's flipping huge and I just love it!!!


What gets me really excited about these kind of things is that that's actually MY handwriting!! Ekkk!! I chose all the colours, I created each and every character and it's SO big the WORLD is going to see my creation!! Woooooo! (and hopefully as they do it'll create lots of wonderful smiles!)

The absolutely wonderful people at 'The art of brilliance' commissioned me to do my thing (which I love!) and now they'll be using it to award schools as part of their new offering... And whilst I think about it, I designed the programs for that too... take a peek...

Download the Brilliant Learners PDF
Download the Brilliant Schools PDF

I have LOVED this project & I feel so proud to be part of this happiness evolution!!

Until next time
Amy xx