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Smiley people!!

Right.... I've been meaning to tell you about some SUPER gorgeous, LOVELY people that asked me to work with them at the end of last year!

Fancy some clues…?!!

  • They have a hub next door to my studio
  • The staff are probably the smilest and friendliest people around
  • And apparently they have 6 (yes SIX!) residential homes across Staffordshire

I can hear your brain ticking!!

You guessed it yet?!!

Here goes.... DE Healthcare!


If you don’t already know what they do.... they help adults with learning disabilities to live life to the full and achieve things that might not have been possible otherwise!

I often have the pleasure to chat to these smiley people in the corridor (or whlist making a brew!) and one day whlist chatting away they asked if I’d design their new mascot (how exciting!) for the company.... of course I said a massive 'YES!'


I stepped next door to the hub for my briefing (which was the 1st time I’ve ever stepped inside! Ekkk!!) and you know what, I was genuinely taken back by the warmth that greeted me. (Feeling all gooey inside!) From that moment on I knew I was going to have to come up with something really special for them!


There new mascot was given the name ‘Mr DE’. Whilst creating him I was also asked to create a whole load of illustrations for DE Healthcare’s brand new shiny website: Yeeha!!

And if you look very carefully you’ll spot how I was inspired by my favourite town; Uttoxeter!

Amy x