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Illustrations and Design Illustrations and Design by Amy Bradley Fun, colourful illustrations for everyone!

Fun, colourful illustrations for everyone!!!

Fun, colourful illustrations for everyone!!! Fun, colourful illustrations for everyone!!!

The first thing you must know about Amy Bradley is that drawing really is her favourite thing, she’s been doing it for as long as she can remember! That’s why for her being an illustrator is the world's BEST job!!

She works from a quirky studio in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, where every one of her illustrations is hand drawn, making use of digital techniques to create colourful illustrations that offer a truly refreshing, fun and energetic approach.

Amy loves to illustrate projects for children, from little ones to big teenagers. Her style fits the market perfectly. She has the joy of working on picture books, educational projects and branding to mention just a few. And if she’s not busy illustrating the former you’ll find her bringing big ideas to life.

For Amy variety really is the spice of life, which means she's really happy to produce illustrations for just about anything that has a loving home.

And if you hadn’t already figured it out, Amy has a real thing for colour she can’t get enough of it. It’s clear, it is a massive part of her work and she is becoming more and more well known for it!

Amy has lots of clients dotted all over the country and many from all corners of the world (She's a wanna be globetrotter!!)

When working with Amy you can expect to work with someone who has bags of enthusiasm and who really gets it. That's why she has had the pleasure (and the most fun!) of working with these guys Capstone, Lumoo, Crown House Publishing, Scholastic (India), Ransom, Art of brilliance, ELC, Cosy, Brewers Fayre, Dove Creative, PrimarySite, and Shonette Bason-Wood.

NOTHING is too much effort for Amy that’s why we’re sure you’ll love working with her too.